3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable
3-in-1 Cable

3-in-1 Cable

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 You know when you grab your charger in a hurry (or put away), but your tangled heap keeps you stuck like glue..

 Get 85 minutes back every 2 weeks (no tangles + Fast-Charge = calculation of average time savings)

 Coil 3-in-1 is not only saving you time with Fast-Charge, but also buying you more time daily by preventing


You feel like this?

 You're proud that you keep your things in designated spaces but-

 Have you ever lost your charging cable?

 Don't lose another charger with Coil's solution-oriented 3-in-1 !

You Need Simplicity

 Yes, it's that simple.

 Why buy multiple chargers for all your devices when you can have 1 Coil cable?

 We disrupted ourselves so you can save money


You Need Coil

 Never waste money on charging cords again

 3-Year Coil Guarantee = cable lifetime + 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

 Bio-degradable cable body to protect our Earth (silica-fiber organic composite is baby-safe and earth-safe after disposal)

 24/7 Customer Support for any questions, concerns, or suggestions (we will always have your back)



Automate Your Life

 Use your time better with Coil's 3-in-1 (end the struggle)

 Think less about plugging in the right cords for the right devices

 Improve your daily charging NOW


  Order before 2:00pm (CST) for same-day shipping from Texas (3-Day Tracked Delivery)

Don't Wait





3 foot and 6 foot options~ 0.9m and 1.8m respectively

Connectors (3-in-1):

Type-C (USB-C) + Micro-USB : 8-Pin USB (Lightning) Connectors


Silicon, aluminum alloy, magnets (0.5x0.5 cm), and copper.

Data transfer and Charge Speed:

Our cables are fully capable of fast and safe data transfer for all your photos, syncing, music etc. - just like the cable that comes with your phone.

Coil is compatible with universal fast charging standards for smartphones.

Our specs and technology are up to date with what manufacturers suggest and provide with the majority of their devices in order to provide a fast, safe charging environment.


Computers and Safety:

 You can use Coil to charge your cell phone from your laptop or computer’s USB port.

Coil has undergone extensive testing and research to make sure the cable will not damage your device or your external hard drives. Below are a few articles to comfort your worries.