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How does the Coil
Partnership Program
work ?


Enter your contact information via our Popup, footer of page, or below...


After confirming Partnership in your email provided, a Coil Admin will contact you for your
Free 1st shipment


Record content and post online
with your new Coil goods!

(assuming Agreement is signed)

Our Promise

You are not a "Brand Ambassador", "Brand Sponsor", nor "Brand Promoter".
These types of relationships we don't endorse and neither should you.
They are not mutually beneficial.

We prefer a Partnership because we believe the support and work done in the image of Coil should come from the source as much as the partners.

Providing a good care for your customer make them want to pay you back in unconscious way : Buy your product !

If there is anything we can help, don't hesitate to contact us by filling contact form below: