4-in-1 Coil Charging Station
4-in-1 Coil Charging Station
4-in-1 Coil Charging Station

4-in-1 Coil Charging Station

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Want it ALL?

Coil’s 4-in-1 Charging Station is the First Quality-Assured Portable wireless charging station that you can:

1) Use as a Lamp or Nightlight 
2) Play Your Favorite Music
3) Hold Your Phone Vertically or Horizontally While Watching
4) Wirelessly Charge Quickly (supports almost every phone type)

Have it ALL

Coil’s Charging Station is portable and uses a 180-degree rotating ‘Heat Sink Brushed Aluminum’ to ensure that you get the Proper Lighting Anywhere You Need It.

Bring the Coil Charging Station to your bedside, home-office, or study. For anyone with Blue-Light sensitivity or is concerned with Eye Care- this is the perfect lighting solution for you.

With a wide and aesthetically pleasing charging pad, and silicone non-slip support pads, you can Rest Assured knowing that your phone is Always Secure and will remain Fully Charged ALL Day Long.

We believe in flexibility, so we have built multiple light-dimming settings for you to enjoy the Best of Both Worlds when using a charging station. It’s easy to change these settings, just tap the top lampshade to adjust for your preference.

Have you ever been in bed watching Netflix on your phone but you just want to rest your arms and enjoy your shows before sleep? You Need a place to keep your phone at night that Won’t Overcharge (using output current circuit-regulation) and allow you to drift asleep in peace.

The Coil Charging Station is the Perfect Size to bring with you while traveling, enjoy outdoors on your patio, or keep in any room in your house. We optimized for this, and delivered a 7.5” x 7.9” charging station for you to Use For Everything.

Package Includes:

1 x Touch Night Light wireless charger

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User manual



Metal electrolytic plate, silicone non-slip mat, PP lampshade, environmentally protected ABS